Hope for True Well-Being

Wow what a wake up call from Day 7: You, my dear Friend, my dear Seeker, you have lost your power.  You think that you are a mortal creature! You think that you need pleasure in the world to satisfy your Self deep inside. You have lost knowledge of who you are, and you have forgotten your power that all is possible. But your soul remembers; deep in the core of your soul it remembers. Now, caught up in the illusion, this Maya as Hindus call it, the soul goes out into the world as a beggar, seeking for that which it has lost, hopelessly. When it does not find it there, then it begins the journey of introspection – “Where is it?  This world does not satisfy me, something is missing?” Then it begins that important journey of finding itself, going back to the awareness of that which is, and has always been.

The greatness of this is that no matter how much it contracts itself, it has not lost its essence. All the stages are there. It can go back. It will go back. It is destined to go back! It is programmed to go back. It is going to go back.  You are not lost at all. It is still there inside of you. When are you going to seek for it?

Hope for True Well-Being

It is because of all those limitations and the illusion that we get unwell in the experience.  When there is pain we think, “O my God, there is so much pain!” No, your body is paining, not your soul. You are identifying so strongly with the pain that now your soul is paining when it shouldn’t. That is the illusion. Where is the suffering? It is in the mind. It is in the illusion because the true part of us never suffers.

Can you see the hope for true well-being?  In this story can you see the hope?  The more you go back into your Higher Consciousness, the more you have the power to transform the human experience and to stay well by connecting with the deeper levels of your Being where you are constantly well. That is the promise of this journey.


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