Powers of the Soul

Won’t it be fun if we could get together to talk about the practical applications of this excerpt taken from Day 6? I find it so useful in so many of life’s moments:

I am interested now in telling you about the power you carry as a soul.  You have the power to create.  You have the power to create a thought, an idea, a vision, and to use that vision in creating even physical things or co-creating – because you need the help of others.  Within your own being, you can create an image.  Through visualisation, you can create an image.

You have the power to sustain whatever you create.  If you create a vision within, you have the power to sustain it.  I sustain a vision for helping the world that is continuous.  I maintain that vision; nothing can stop me.  I want to create a better world, I sustain that vision.  I wake up with it, I live with it, I go to bed with it, I dream about it, I live it.  I sustain.

I can change; I can decide that I want to let go of this one and I can go to another.  I have the power of letting go, dismantling.  I do not like this; I am going to dismantle it.  I am going to let it go.  I am going to create another.  We have the power to dismantle and transform.

We have the power to store things in our being.  We have the power of memory.  We have a huge storage of information within, more magnificent than any computer storage or hard drive.  We have the power to recall, we can bring it back.  We can recall.

Tools in the human experience

Now, what are the tools we have in the human experience?

  • We have the mind.  We can create a thought with the mind, the thinking mind – we can create an image, an idea, a thought.
  • We can use the intellect to reason, to build ideas, to build concepts, to create a vision.
  • We have the tool of remembering, recall, from our storage of information.  We have a memory tool.
  • We have several centres of energy within us that we can project energies from.  These are called chakras.  Just using intention and will, we can project energies through these centres within our soul.  This energy body is designed for the human experience, marvellously designed for the human experience.  This energy body has centres; the moment it comes into the human body, it synchronizes itself with the brain and nervous system.  As the human begins to grow, the energy body begins to function in the human system, supporting the human system.  You do not see that.  You do not feel that.  When you, the soul, assume human consciousness and you do it from birth, you become so humanly conscious, you forget your spiritual identity.  Coming into the human experience at birth, we come into a limited consciousness, forgetting who we are.

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