The Source Needs Instruments in Order to Create

My intention is to complete as much of a review as I can before Guru visits us this June. It seems appropriate that I make an effort to digest the 40 days before he shares more.There was so much to like on Day 3 hard to choose but here is an excerpt: Our essential Being is consciousness. At the very core there is Pure Consciousness. That Pure Consciousness is the Source of all possibilities but it cannot  do anything by itself.  It needs to create ‘something’ for the ‘doing’. It has all possibilities in it, but to do anything, it has to create instruments. It cannot do it otherwise.

In itself it contains all desires and yet it is beyond desire.  So it needs to generate a desire when it wants to do something.  It needs to generate a form when it needs to do something. Then it can engage, but apart from that it stands detached from everything. It does not need anything.  It does not want anything, yet it can create everything – any possibility.

In Desirelessness It creates Desire

At the very essence of our being there is that indescribable Source.  But to get involved it has to create instruments. That is why bodies are created. So that this infinite Consciousness, that does not need to have any desire yet contains everything, decides it wants to do something. It wants to become involved. This is programmed within it, almost as if it is sleeping and it needs to wake up. It wakes up and then it begins to generate all these instruments that allow it to do and to become involved. In doing all of that it still maintains its being, being conscious so that it is able to ‘see’ as it creates.

It is able to do everything in the creation but it needs instruments at every stage.  And because it is so intelligent with all possibilities, when it begins to create, it creates in the most perfect way. That consciousness in its creation has to involve a certain aspect of its being, a certain quality –Energy. It has to spew or project energy to do everything it does. So Energy is part of its Being that is going to create instruments out of Itself. It is going to make bodies out of the energy. It is going to do everything with its energy so that it can create instruments to become involved.  And because it has no desire, it has to create an entity with a desire,

Creation Begins with the Super Ego

So when it creates that first entity with a desire we call it “Ego”. So it has to create an Ego out of its infinite desireless Being.  It has to create an Ego that will have a desire. It creates this Ego as part of itself so that the Ego can become involved in the rest of the creation. It creates a super Ego that now has the desire to create. And now the creation begins. This super Ego begins to create.


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