True Well Being

Wow it took a lot of effort to be able to start going through the 40 days messages again. I didn’t want to lose the inspiration from the period yet I found my mind wouldn’t focus as I wished, but I pushed through and  here is what inspired me from Day 1 of the 40 days:

Whether you are aware of it or not, thinking is an experience of the physical body and it is associated with a chemical process. When we think there is a chemistry that happens in the brain and nervous system, but in another space inside, no chemistry is involved, simply energies.  As we think, energies are produced, waves of energy.  In the non- physical body, the mind operates as an energy, as a tool, a processing tool and emotions are generated in that space.

In the physical body, the emotions are associated with chemical changes as well.  There is an experience in the body of thinking and feeling but there is a deeper experience, apart from the body, of thinking and feeling.  I want you to stretch the mind because only when you experience this non-physical reality, will you truly understand what I am saying.   I am trying to inspire you to look deeper; it comes with a deeper look, a deeper view. In that non-physical body, your thoughts generate images, patterns of energy that are very potent, and powerful. You can think yourself into wellness or you can think yourself into disease, so it is all about mind and what the mind does. The gross body can be totally well physically, but the mind is thinking so much about disease, in the non-physical body, that because of their relationship, soon enough, the physical body will be impacted.

Wellness at Its Depth:

The challenge to stay well in the non-physical body is the more powerful challenge.  But the non-physical body is supported very powerfully by a source of constant nourishment, a source of constant replenishment, and a source of intelligence that we cannot even begin to understand.  It is important that we use the tools we have in our non-physical being. The most powerful tool being the intellect, the reasoning power that we have, that tool needs to be attuned to the very source of our being.  Therein lies the power of true wellness; when our non-physical body with the processing tools we have, mind, intellect memory. When that is attuned to the very source of our being, tapping into the best there is in that source, then we can experience wellness, well-being at its depth.  There is a place within us of constant wellness, a well spring, if we tap into it, we can meet every challenge in the human experience, even though the gross part of us may not be well, that part of us can be continuously well and therein lies the ultimate secret to well-being.

Happy mother’s day to all nuturers! Wish you true well being.


One Response to True Well Being

  1. Anne says:

    Thanks so much, it’s fun to read the messages again. How powerful is that when he says: “..there is a space within us of constant wellness, a well spring, if we tap into it, we can meet every challenge….” and ” …therein lies the ultimate secret to well-being”.

    I am working at remembering to take a moment to centre myself before entering a space or before engaging a conversation, using the mind, the breath and intention.


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