Grace of the Universe

This is an excerpt of the talk given on the eve of the 40 days. I found it so thought-provoking I wanted to share it with you. I hope you too find it inspiring:

The Grace of the Universe in supporting us on the journey. Many times we isolate ourselves from that grace. We shut ourselves from that grace because we are so caught in the idea of wanting to do things ourselves which, of course, is not a bad idea but the Universe is so full of support at every turn. When the Universe gives so much support, why should we isolate ourselves from it?  When wisdom can flow from every voice, why do we avoid relationships of support?  When there is an invisible dimension of sacred beings supporting our world, why don’t we open ourselves to it?  When there are so many books and literature about the path to freedom, why don’t we use the information from them, rather than keep on reading them, and seeking to read more?

2 Responses to Grace of the Universe

  1. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi, Henk and all

    This is certainly thought provoking. I tend to feel that I need to be more self-reliant so depending on how I look at this call to be open to the abundant Grace, it can present a bit of a dilemma. What comes up as I think of this are “awareness” and “balance,” both of which I would like to develop further in myself. Upon re-reading, “discrimination” comes up as well.

    Guruji always gives us so much to not only contemplate but to put into practice.

    Love and thanks

  2. Henk says:


    I find it very inspiring too and opening a new awareness, a new possibility to me. I can get support in every moment, at every place, in every situation. That possibility of support in all sorts of dimensions provides a lot of power, comfort, wisdom. I will integrate this possbility more in my “gameplan” of every day life. I am looking forward to trying to seek support in more challenging situations as an option.

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