The healing power of the Spirit

Invariably, disease will come and it will challenge us at different levels.  Of course, it goes without saying that in the essence of our being there is no disease. Absolutely no disease!  Of course, this is very difficult to realize and we need support to realize this – the fact that there is no disease in our soul.  I say that to you but I know what a great challenge it is to experience that in fullness. But we can experience it in a gradual way, and that gives us some power on the journey.

Therefore, when we are challenged with disease, we need to really understand what’s happening. We need to observe ourselves at all levels: “What is happening to me physically? What is happening to me emotionally? What is happening to me mentally?  And what is happening to my spiritual powers?”  We need to observe the whole scenario in the challenge of disease.

If the disease is coming from the physical and it is a physical challenge, then we need to gather the powers of our soul on the mental plane and the emotional plane to deal with this. Because if the mind and emotional being become captured in the physical, the soul will think in its ignorance that it is sick, when only the body is sick.  When the soul remembers its true nature or is more established in its inner being which is spiritual awareness, it will not forget that. It will say: “This disease is in my body, and I am going to use my mental power which is a power of the soul.   I am going to use my emotional power which is also a power of the soul to help my body in this challenge.”

However, the worst is when the mind and emotion of such a powerful being that the soul is, are captured by the little physical body.  Disease is going to stay and the worst is when the person says, “Well, this is so difficult. I don’t know what to do. I am going to die. This cannot be cured.  It must be this or it must be that!” We begin to have fear of what it can be when we are not even sure what it is.

When we have diseases of the physical we need to bring all the power of our soul to bear on this. The powers of the soul are infinite.  However, if the disease is in the emotional space: that we cannot forgive or we are unkind or negative, then that is a difficult place to be. Because it is going to affect the organs within the body on one hand, and on the other, it is going to hold the soul in darkness.  

Now you can see that if the challenge is in the mind, if we are holding a very strong belief of disease and the challenge is really in the mind, that is the most difficult place to be. Because then we cannot help ourselves unless some part of the mind opens up to give that strong intention of the desire to heal, and to open up the mind to other possibilities.

It is therefore very important to make that spiritual connection to keep the mind sharp – the intellect, the thinking faculty, the power to visualize. Keep it intact and inspired by a Higher Consciousness – meaning the space of all possibilities, and engaging that in the healing process.

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