Our Sacred bond with nature

An excerpt from today’s message: Our bodies are part of the natural environment. If we pollute the environment, we are polluting our bodies and you see that; air pollution, water pollution, and food pollution, with many pesticides and chemicals.  It comes back to us through the food we eat and the air we breathe.  We share molecules with our world.  Our physical body is part of the natural environment.  We breathe in air molecules, we take in food molecules and we give them back out. Our body is in a dynamic relationship with the environment through everything we eat, drink and breathe.

We are connected to this world; we have a sacred bond with the environment.  The same Spirit that moves within us, that same Source of all the energy within us; that Supreme Consciousness that exists within the core of our being, is also in the natural environment.  The entire living world, all of Nature is an expression of the same consciousness that is within us. We have a sacred bond as that consciousness is sacred, life around us is sacred.

When we look outside, we will really be touched by the destruction of the environment and we will want to do something about it. It begins with us developing that consciousness of the environment and the more we come together in a collective way, the more we can influence the environment.  I do believe we can change the weather patterns.  I do believe we can change the energies around plants and trees.  I do believe we can add to the energies of the earth, with collective human consciousness, focused on the environment in a loving way.  I do believe that!  Why don’t we do it today?


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