Be Emotionally Wise

This is a very important topic for me. Here is what resonates for me.

We need to be aware of every emotion that passes [through] our consciousness. How many of us are really aware of what anger does to us? Of what hate does? Of what ‘unforgiveness’ does? What loneliness and fear do to us?  It is a stressful experience when it stays within  for longer periods than it should.

On the journey, therefore, we need to stay in awareness of the emotions that are in our space and we need to use our intelligence, our wisdom to use the appropriate emotion that will open up our inner space of consciousness to higher qualities, and be able to manage lower emotions.

Emotional well being is extremely important on the journey, and emotions are a tool. They are energies that we can use appropriately, being careful not to be hijacked by emotions that waste our energies away. So be emotionally wise! Stay spiritually connected to the source of all love – your Spiritual Being.


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