Going beyond the mind

Well we are approaching the end of the 40 days. Lets make the most of the time we have left.

This is what stood out for me in the message today:

When you are really wise and you see what attachment to this perishable world can do, then you will be focused on that changeless place inside where there is no death, no disease, no aging. So begin to observe.

Here are a few tips that can help you in dealing with this. First is the need to really understand that there is divine order in the Universe; that everything that happens, happens for a reason. There is meaning and purpose in every event! So immediately you understand this, there is an acceptance of what is, and there is a desire to use this awareness to take you deeper.  If everything is in divine order around me, then this is happening for a purpose, what ever it is. I need to see the meaning of this. What does it mean for me?  What lesson does it have for me? What is my learning outcome from this event?  What is the blessing that  I am receiving in terms of my spiritual growth?  When we begin to look at that then we become excited about becoming stronger to overcome our weaknesses, if our weakness is exposed in events around us.

2 Responses to Going beyond the mind

  1. Henk says:


    The sentence “There is meaning and purpose in every event!” is such a deep sentence for me. It resonates so profoundly within me. It means for me acceptance or surrender, learning and relief for me.

    Relief, because sometimes I would think or I think “I’m responsible for this/her/him and I need to do something”, where as sometimes I’m not responsible and I don’t need to do anything as there might be a learning experience for the other and me a learning experience of accepting and showing love.

    Holding that sentence in my mind, it puts me in a place of observing, beyond the mind, and trying to work from that space.

    All my love, Henk

  2. Nandy says:

    Extremely grateful for these messages on the mind, so thought provoking! and broken down into small steps that we could contemplate and put into practice. It helps to shift our perspective when we see everything in Divine order and meant for a purpose. Each day has been revealing a different aspect for us to assimilate.

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