Strive for total wellbeing

For me the most important message of today was: If you want to take charge, you need to give attention to spiritual wellbeing, to keeping that connection with your Higher Self so firm, that regardless of the challenge, you can be nourished from that space.  That is not so easy but you have tools and more importantly, you have the power of desire.  No matter how difficult something is, no matter how challenged you are, if your desire is strong enough, you can draw grace from the Universe.  So that constant vision, that constant desire to achieve what you want, is important.

Also: For mental wellbeing in the human experience, we need to be sharp with the intellect and we need to open up the consciousness to allow for that communion with the Higher Self in the silence of being – where we can pick up the intuitive whispers of our Higher Self, the intuitive guidance.

When we are hijacked by negative emotions, we lose our power.  [Hence] the need for the intellect to observe what is happening, and protect and open up the heart; the emotional being.  The intellect needs to be the driver, working marvellously and harmoniously with the heart.

The wise person in the human experience will look after the chariot (the physical vehicle), because if this physical vehicle is challenged on the journey, all the attention has to go now to the physical vehicle.

Then social wellbeing: we live in a co-existence with other life forms.  When there is harmonious co-existence, the feedback of energy towards us can be uplifting.  When there is disharmony in that co-existence, it can also pull us down in terms of wellbeing.  We need to know how to interact or relate to our world, to other living forms in this co-existence; so there is the need for social wellbeing on the journey.

We need to look at every aspect of wellbeing if we really want to enjoy this human experience.

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