It’s time to take charge

“When will we begin to take charge of our journey?” For me this is a crucial question. I try to be careful not to get so caught up in wanting more information, wisdom and support from somebody that I don’t use what I already have. That does not mean that I don’t appreciate support and the views of others. What I mean is after listening to all and contemplating my options it is my responsibility to make a decision.

I also take responsibility for the priority I give to different aspects of my life. I have the power to choose how I allocate my time and attention on what I consider important.

I value a great deal the ones who support my spiritual journey and  the best way I can think of to demonstrate how much they mean to me is by  how I act based on what I have learned. Any teacher, coach or guide is inspired by how the student uses what they have learned.

I love the idea of taking charge of my life. How about you?


One Response to It’s time to take charge

  1. Henk says:

    I love to take charge too.

    The message opened up the awareness to the point of how much charge am I taking on different aspects of my life (career, relationships, health, spirituality). For me a task to explore that and asking myself if I take charge more. Exploring how dependent I am on those aspects and if I can create a different vision with me taking charge more.

    I made a plan for those 4 aspects on how to take more charge or what I like to change. How can I have the best relationship possible with my loved ones and with others? And what steps are needed for that. Am I having the most wonderful career that I can think of? Can I become healthier and what is needed for that? Am I in the best place of true well being and what step can I take at a time to get there? I realise now, typing this, I must adjust my action plan by creating a vision of the best goals possible.

    I find it fun to contemplating what step can I take next and where do I want to go.

    Thank you.

    All my love, Henk

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