The Sacred Battle in the inner space

This spiritual journey to our true power is a journey of stages.  In the Yogic wisdom, these stages are called Granthis, or knots.

1.      The first one is the very basic spiritual awakening, called Brahma Granthi.   There is recognition that there is a greater power but the ideals become very material: acquiring more; having more children; getting involved in more material pleasures.

2.      On the second stage of the journey, we have to break the knot that is called Vishnu Granthi.  This consciousness involves the Manipura chakra, Anahata chakra and Vishudha chakra.   On the journey, as these chakras open up, they do not open up fully to give the full consciousness; they open up partially and allow energies to flow.   We worship so that we can get: get more knowledge; acquire more things in the world; get more pleasure, and we see the arts and music and the expression of the voice.  But we are still troubled by the material things because the goal is still material.  So when material things perish, our happiness is influenced. We still have issues with broken relationships; we still have emotional issues; and we do a lot of praying to an outside God, waiting for its help.  A lot of turmoil can happen at this stage as the soul consciousness is still caught up in the world, and it depends on an outer source for support.

3.      There is a third stage of soul development where we pierce a knot between the eyebrows called the Rudra Granthi.  When this knot is pierced, we begin to be able to see the world differently.  For the first time, we begin to realise that we can be divine; that this God is not outside, but that we are part of this Divine, like a drop in the ocean.  For the first time, we begin to look from a different space, a space of co-creation, where we can be involved in the co-creation or we can identify with divinity.  This step is the most powerful step on the journey because it allows us, in the soul consciousness, to bring in soul power that can help to manage the lower chakras.  But we can still be vulnerable to the pull of the world, even here.  Even as we begin to feel this soul power, we can still be caught up in these areas that were not completely cleared of the material pull; this selfish pull to the world, the thirst for pleasure and power in the human experience.  You can see how this can also lead us into a place of disturbance in our quest for true well-being.

True Well-being is when the Charioteer and the Traveller become One

The relief comes when we begin to go a little higher and give attention to that part of our being to that consciousness which leads us into that place of learning to work with the power of the Universe.   That is when the intellect and the traveller in the chariot begin to communicate so powerfully, that the intellect and the traveller are one.   The intellect is completely in service and the intuition flow is so powerful, that intellect and intuition work in harmony.  Then we can weather any storm.

Enjoy today’s ride in your world.  Keep your chariot strong, in good condition.  Hold the horses, manage them well and remember; you are working for the traveller.


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