The way of the wise seeker

When we go on vacation we prepare for it way in advance, when we have to buy or sell a house, when we get married, in fact for the major events of our lives we plan way in advance. Doesn’t it make sense to also plan for  life’s challenges that must surely come our way?

As was said in today’s message, “The wise seeker will first of all have a strong desire for freedom, to be centered in a place that can never be shaken in the human experience: freedom from fear, freedom from ignorance, doubt, confusion….  Everything that you do, therefore, is focused on that single purpose: “I ultimately want to be free.” That desire to be free occupies the thoughts; it occupies your dreams. It engages the person in contemplation. It inspires the person to act [on] that desire, so that the person can forge ahead on that path to freedom. Therefore, the desire never leaves. ”

“A wise seeker should be wise and discriminating, being able to see clearly what the distractions are, when they come, always being aware. ”

“The next quality is Detachment. The greatest love should be for the vision, nothing else! Though you are involved in other things, the greatest love should be for that vision, so that you easily become detached from everything else.”

“Finally, the wise seeker should be disciplined. Discipline is a protection when we know what we do not want, and when we need to avoid distractions when they come. ”

How was your day today?


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