A Journey of steps

The most exciting idea for me today is that the next step I need to take on my spiritual journey is right before me, what ever is challenging me right at this moment!!! I see very clearly what step I need to take.

I loved it when Guru said, ” As we begin to deal with life, we end up with emotional or mental crises, or relationship crises. If we think carefully, we will see right there before us, the Universe is telling us what the next steps are. Do we have family issues? The next step of the journey is right there!  Do we have relationship issues? The next step is right there. Do we have issues of self-control? Do we have issues of indulgence, greed, thirst for pleasure? Do we have power issues? The next steps are right there!”

How about you, do you see what your next step is?


One Response to A Journey of steps

  1. Nandy says:

    I like your point of view of focusing on what is needed at this moment in order to keep moving forward. It follows your previous introspection of looking at our weaknesses and now combining it with our vision of where we want to go, gives us the answer of what is needed in this moment.

    I like all the points brought out in today’s conversation that make this message really come alive – patience, inner guidance, balance, becoming skilled, strengthening the body, and taking responsibility in this journey.

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