Cultivate True Body Awareness

Today I had a deep reflection on this body that my soul has chosen to inhabit and how I can co-exist better with my body. I suppose it’s like having a room-mate with one room-mate  having the capacity to over dominate the relationship. If we understand each others needs we can live together in greater harmony. However in the relationship with the body and the soul, the body is so accommodating, always ready to serve the soul.

I can be more aware of the body’s response to stress internally due to thoughts and ideas and the body’s sensitivity to quality of  food, water, air, the energy in the environment, planetary influences.

I want to notice more the experience of the body when it is relaxed and comfortable. After all if I notice more of what makes the body comfortable, I can support the body and enable it to work more effectively.

I know I tend to over work the body and not give it enough time to refresh itself. What really resonated with me from the message this morning was where he said, “ I am asking you to understand your body more. Listen to its signals; don’t overlook them because of your passion and your ambition for other things in the human experience, that you overlook the beautiful gift that you have been given – a human body with its own intelligence, a product of Nature designed so beautifully.”

How do you feel about this human body?

2 Responses to Cultivate True Body Awareness

  1. sms says:

    After reading this blog, its my sincere feeling that you own the exact idea of what are you talking about.I seriously wish to congratulate you for zeal for the work you own that has made you stand today on this height.Genuinely,there has not been even a time that I have visited your post and went without getting some good information.Keep it up.And yes i have book mark your site .

  2. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi

    As I was eating dinner, it made me stop when I considered that whilst my body needs food for its own survival, the choice and quantity of food that I had on my plate was not driven by my body, but by my soul. That the piece of barfi was again my soul’s desire and not my body’s. I have never thought of it like that before. I am grateful for this information which I want to translate into awareness in my daily life. The challenge to be body aware in every situation seems like a big one, but as Guruji said, there are stages in the process. His reminder that the 1,000 mile race begins with the first step was very encouraging.

    Love and thanks

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