Appreciating the Human Self

What does  appreciating having a human body mean to me? The physical body allows me to interact in a physical way with my environment and the people around me. I enjoy the sense of touch, there is a kind of pleasure in physical contact. The ability to hear music, birds singing, communication by voice has it’s special flavor different from silent communing. There is pleasure in tasting. Yes I can see better how the human body allows an enjoyment of the world and yes I can see how those pleasures could become entrancing. It’s kind of like if you have a mac and you have a pc both give their own experience of the virtual world.

I marvel at the construction of the body. How well each part is designed, the grace that goes along with the functionality. There is indeed a special beauty in a healthy physical body.

Okay I think I have a better handle on it. Important to enjoy the pleasures, not go to extremes to deny one self but to dip into them with moderation. Right? What do you think? How do you appreciate the human self?


One Response to Appreciating the Human Self

  1. Nandy says:

    I think back to my days before meeting Guruji and understanding the spiritual Self…I took the body for granted, I enjoyed all the things I did with the human body, playing tennis, golfing, going for walks, even working long hours etc, I automatically did whatever I wanted. But now I have a very different understanding of the body, what it needs, how to pamper it with massages, good food, proper exercises, and having an appreciation for it as a means of experiencing the soul consciousness.

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