Where am I on the journey?

Sometimes when I’m trying my best to follow my strategy for where I want to go, I run into a lot of difficulties. Through experience  I realize that the cause may, in some situations, be due to an incorrect assessment of where I am.

For personal development I need to have a good idea of my weaknesses. I find this to be such a challenging step, really examining in detail how that weakness manifests itself. The other side of the coin is that once I’ve had a good look at that weakness I know that I will use my strengths to make progress with changing it, because I will not forget it. I will constantly be looking for ways to come out of it, I will see everything that happens around me as clues for how to deal with that weakness. It becomes exciting. I notice for myself if I fast forward this step, if I don’t really understand the weakness, then I make little progress in changing it.

I loved Guru’s guidance on assessing ourselves where he said, “You need to look at the different chakras to see where you are now. Are you caught up in thoughts and ideas? Do you feel empowered in your Being that you can do it? Are you still caught up in the lower area where the emotions are fluctuating, and your attention is still on the worldly things? Are you caught up in the navel area where you are trying to use all your vitality to gain more in the human experience?  Are you caught up in sexuality where you are unable to manage these desires and thoughts?  Are you still so caught up in the human physical experience that you want to amass more wealth and seek to promote survival? Are you caught in the positive side of the chakra or the negative side of the chakra? Where are you caught?”

I’m really loving the meditations. I find that it’s like a manual for how to be in that consciousness space and how to take it into the world. I’m making lots of notes for myself about the processes I’m learning from the meditations.

How about you? What did you love about the talk today?


7 Responses to Where am I on the journey?

  1. Patsy Mohammed says:

    I love this message it has given me a lot to think about in where I am at and the Guru’s message is ver y simple and powerful. for myself it draws me back for me to see where I need to focus and get back on track as I believe I lost my way a little and it shows where I am at. It is now for me to try and refocus my energy on myself.

  2. Henk says:

    I like the post. ( I haven’t read the talk yet as my internet of my usual laptop is gone and is on the fix now).

    I like the strategy of Guru on looking at every chakra to see where I am. But what triggered me most is seeing my weaknesses. Or rather that I’m not seeing them consciously. Reading the post, I think that I am fastforwarding as much as I can to a place of obsering as much as I can and trying to get to a state of pure Being. I love that state (for as far I can experience that state), but I’m not working on the other stages, I see now. If I want a stable experience of pure Being I need to work consciously, step by step on my weaknesses, by making a plan, looking from where I am now.

    I feel excitement coming up of making a Personal Development Plan of my total Being. Searching for weaknesses to overcome them.

    Thank you for the awareness.

    In much appriciation and love, Henk

  3. Nandy says:

    I like the idea of ‘ Is there more’ because everytime we think that yes I get it, there is something more…on this journey we are constantly learning, so we have to be open to more and take responsibility for our own self development. When we are contented with where we are, we don’t push ourselves to achieve excellence, so the question of ‘where I am’ should be ongoing, as we strive to be all that we can be.

  4. chanmadhavi says:

    I can actually get quite excited and become highly motivated by this way of looking at my weaknesses. thanks for appreciating.

  5. I like the self-awareness of looking at your weaknesses.

    • Madhuri says:

      Namaskar Madhavi,

      Guru’s talk today resonated with me about assessing where we are on the journey and moving from there. I too feel empowered to move forward really looking at my own strengths and weaknesses, and how to best utilize the strengths and work at overcoming, or accepting the weaknesses!

      Thanks, as always, for capturing the essence of the talks and for sharing your own inspiring steps with us in interactive and open way. In reading your posts and the replies I am brought every day to reviewing again my thoughts and feeings about Guru’s message and my next steps on the journey.


      • Hanna Mohammed says:

        This message was beautiful! i spent all day assessing my chakras and it feels so good knowing that I am working on developing that kind of relationship with my body! So inspiring, it really is!

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