Make the Body ‘Lifeworthy’

For me the most exciting part of this morning’s talk is where Guru spoke about how we can use the chakras in our journey to true health and well-being.

He said. “There are chakras in the brain, that can stimulate the brain, open the awareness. There is a chakra in the throat that can bring power to speech. There is a chakra in the heart that can help you to free yourself from emotional stress and lift you into that space of emotional freedom. There is a chakra at the navel that can bring such strength to the body and such vitality, that the body is always energized. There is a chakra in the sexual area that can help us to manage the sexual power and to use it appropriately. And there is a chakra at the base of the spine, in the root area, that we call the Muladhara chakra, that can help us to ground in the physical body. When these chakras are awakened, understood,  experienced, and  used in the human experience, we can make this body a healthy, fit and strong body, to make this journey.”

Please have a look at this blog site. I’ve rearranged the site so that it is easier to find past topics. I’ve tried to use my chakra energies in the design 🙂 since we know that every activity can be used as a path way to develop ourselves. I’d love your opinion and  your comments on today’s message.


6 Responses to Make the Body ‘Lifeworthy’

  1. Madhuri says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    I like the new blog and its sense of aliveness. The action photo is filled with joy and happiness! Makes me want to smile and jump with joy too 🙂

    I enjoyed Guru’s powerful message, which leads us to observe what is going on inside in the physical and subtle worlds, as we go about our daily activities. I practised while eating a meal and was in awe at the intelligence of the body and also the energy in some of the fresher foods.

    with love and thanks,

  2. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi and all

    I loved yesterday’s talk. I particularly liked the prospect of hope, that it is possible to be less susceptible to the fluctuations caused by hormones, planets, environment, what side of the bed we got up on and all the rest. The prospect of using the chakras to support us in just about everything is also an exciting thing to consider and to put into practice.

    Love and thanks

    • Victoria says:

      PS I really like the new look for the blog, very snazzy and attention grabbing. It is also much easier to find older posts so 2 thumbs up all round

  3. Marlene says:

    Love the new photo, Madhavi. It is so joyful and uplifting (no pun intended!) In today’s talk, Guru used the statement, “We need to co-operate with this body” and this made me pause. It made me think, “How do I co-operate with this body? How do I, a subtle energy being, co-operate with this body that I have been given as my vehicle in the human existence? How can I know when I am not co-operating with it before it becomes ill? What signs should I be paying attention to? And does the body need to co-operate with me, the soul? Does it only co-operate once I am spiritually awakened because I can strongly influence it from my soul being using the power of intention and the chakra energies? I found this thought provoking and would be interested to hear the reaction of others.

    • Henk says:


      Thank you for the invitation, to contemplate, to reply.
      – How do I co-operate with my body?: it made me think of the analogy of stepping in my car and how I can see the difference of I’m no the car, I am in a car, I’m driving in a car. But I and my body are so beautifully fitted that it is harder to see the difference. Formula 1 drivers sometimes say that there racecar feels like an extension of their bodies. So too would I like the have this awareness of driving my body, constantly.
      – How can and do I co-operate with my body?: I exercise it with strenght and stamina, I try to eat and drink healthy (try to feed it properly), I relax it by sleeping enough, but not too much, and relax it during the day by keeping my lower chakras relaxed. And I keep it in loving space. It made me think of words of the Dog Wisperer on how to keep a dog balanced by three things: exercise, discipline and affection. And discipline is meant by him by correcting a dog calmly and with love, when he or she is becoming unbalanced, trying to lead the pack where I should do that or when she becomes fearful. Like I can “correct” my lower parts of every chakra with peace and love (higher parts of my chakra’s) by coming in a more loving, observing state.
      – Do I have to be awakened to co-operate with my body?: I remember times when my body was very healthy by eating healthy and plenty of exercise and relaxation, but I wasn’t awakened. The outer circumstances were very easy, so to speak. I was challenged and life as easy. But in more challenging situations my body wouldn’t stay relaxed, where now I have more power, more options, of using more chakra’s to keep balanced, to keep healthy in more challenging situations.
      – How do I know when I’m not co-operating with my body?: Personally, when my hands become colder, when the breath becomes more shallow, when my face feels more tired or stressed, when I feel overall tired in the body at the end of the day, feeling more hungry. For me signs that my discipline is lacking or that I haven’t been creating balanced outer circumstances to help for easier inner circumstances.

  4. Nandy says:

    I like the point that if we seek to observe more in our daily activities, we’d realise that there is more energy involved…like walking, if we observe every step, we realise that there is more involved in the walking. It is in the simple everyday things that can be extraordinary when we look with awareness, and everything changes around us. I enjoy simple Tai Chi movements now that I could feel the energy flowing through the hands, and the body becomes light. It’s a big difference when done with awareness.

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