The physical body – an amazing vehicle

I agree the body is an amazing vehicle. Just like I have many relationships, each one unique, each one providing enjoyment and support in it’s own special way, so too I think about the cells, organs and tissues of the body. This also means that the way I treat the parts of the body is unique. I have to learn about what they need to function optimally, especially the parts of my body that are weak. I support the body in it’s healing, providing the materials that it needs. The more attention I pay the better the communication between my body and I. It tells me what it needs to function well and I try my best to give it what it needs and when I can’t, the body still serves me so well, as it adjusts to suit the environment.

I also have to learn the traps in becoming involved with the body – allowing the body too much comfort leads to laziness, lack of persistence, low vitality, poor habits leading to poor body functioning.

Equally important is my emotional and mental state, I need to be aware of keeping a clean, uplifting inner state. As Guru says we can keep toxins in the brain by the thoughts and emotions we hold on to.

I keep in mind that the body is my vehicle to achieve my life’s purpose. I look after it well and I also think about the direction I steer. I set clear intentions for my day, in line with my life’s purpose.

I’m having a wonderful day. How about you? What is the state of your vehicle? What direction are you steering in today? Where and how are you driving your body?


3 Responses to The physical body – an amazing vehicle

  1. Henk says:


    I like this part “I set clear intentions for my day, in line with my life’s purpose.” I recognise that I do set intentions, but that they can be more precise and clear.

    I share your joy of taking care of your body. You made me a bit more aware (“This also means that the way I treat the parts of the body is unique.”) of taking care of it in a better way. I know what to do to take care of my muscles, lungs, heart, bones, stomach and immune system, but what about my other parts? How can I be better for them? I feel joy and fun coming up to search for more wisdom and putting that in practice.

    It’s time to run in the forrest with the dog (taking care of her body as well 🙂 ).

    All my love, Henk

  2. chanmadhavi says:

    Dear Carlota
    I have a number of healing meditations on this blog. Perhaps they might be useful for you.

    I wish you great love, peace and wisdom on your journey to healing.


  3. I was just thinking about this because I have been a little sick, and after a meditation I found out that my illness is totally related with my fears, but is difficult to have control over these, over yourself, and over my own mind.

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