Chakras – A Journey through Self Identities

I was struck by the descriptions of the different self identities in every chakra. I summarize them for myself so that I can grasp it easier.
Sahasrar when fully open – experience of freedom in the consciousness whilst still in the human experience

Ajna -in limitation person is captured in the human experience and feels completely isolated from the Source; while when open to its fullness, the person feels connected to the Source and feels as an instrument of the Source, completely in the Source, channelling the Source.

Vishuddha – In the limitation process, the chakra becomes fully closed and one feels completely separate; the voice is just a human voice, human power, physical power. In the full stage, one can feel that it is the voice of the Divine, flowing through that Being.

Anahata chakra – When closed, one’s love is just human, conditional, very selfish.  When the chakra begins to open up, that love changes gradually and in its fullness, the love becomes very spiritual, unconditional and selfless.  The chakra opens up in stages, so the love awareness grows in stages.

Manipura chakra – When in limitation the experience is that of just human vitality.  The vitality is replenished through food and rest.  When the chakra opens up, the person is able to generate vitality from another source.  There is a kind of radiance, fire, vitality that the person can begin to generate into the human body.  Despite the food and the rest, it can drive the body to great heights.

Swadhisthana – When this chakra is completely closed, sexuality becomes biological mating; driven by hormones; driven by selfishness, the person’s pursuit of pleasure.  When the chakra opens up, the person begins to feel spiritual energies at that place and the person is able to bring more spirituality into the sexual experience.  The sexual experience is now based on love and selfless giving, caring.

Muladhara chakra –  In its closed form, the person is concerned mainly with survival and might is right – power, human power, human survival.  When the chakra is opened up fully, the person begins to enjoy the human experience; seeing the body as a temple; wanting to preserve health in the body; understanding the nature of the body; being fascinated by the body.

I hope you find the summary useful :).


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