Kundalini – Our Personal Guide to Freedom

It’s very reassuring to know that we have a personal guide and it’s right inside of us, so it knows all that we need to do, to evolve on our spiritual journey. The role of the outer guide or Guru, is to support us in getting in touch with that inner guide.

In sitting meditation I have the chance to form an intimate relationship with that inner guide. I want to have a close relationship during the meditation and to continue to have that intimacy as I engage in my world outside of the meditation.

Here is what I have been doing to build that relationship. I pay close attention to whatever that inner guide shows or tells. I try to manage myself so that I am not rushing to tell stories in my mind about what is going on. I try to listen, watch, absorb, as intently as I can in the meditation. Outside of the meditation I listen intently to those around me, not rushing into telling a story all about my experiences. See? I translate what I learn about relating to the inner guide, to my relationships in my world.

While I love to meditate, what happens outside the meditation is the real measure of my spiritual growth. I want my sitting meditation to help me to meet with the challenges of daily living. I want to transform my life, to deal with my unresolved issues. I open myself to the guidance of that Supreme Self inside me. I embrace that guidance and do my utmost to follow it.

What about you, how do you feel about your personal guide?

2 Responses to Kundalini – Our Personal Guide to Freedom

  1. Victoria says:


    I too find the idea of the inner guide very reassuring. It is so much better than thinking that I am alone and having to try to figure it out and make sense of it by myself. I particularly liked Guruji’s explanation of the Kundalini as a mother, and Gauri’s interpretation of this in the Sacred Conversations. I find that a very powerful way of considering it. For me, it helps the possibility of developing an intimate relationship become more accessible.

    Madhavi and Veerendra, I am grateful for the reminder to try to slow down the process, particularly that of sharing the internal, externally. This is particularly relevant for me!

    Love and thanks
    Victoria x

  2. Veerendra Singh says:


    I feel it is very reassuring that we have a personal guide. To me it is like a personal coach encouraging and lifting me to face all the challenges of life fearlessly looking for the lessons of life, where I can improve and where I am doing well. So I find myself every so often taking a live snap shot of how I am doing in the moment and working with my inner guide as best as I can in the moment to see more possibilities of for example love and peace and try to stimulate that consciousness within me with the help of my inner guide and I try and slow down sometimes my mind so that I won’t overlook anything or any clue as to how to act and I try and also take this awareness into my meditation and without judging any experience with more thoughts just looking for the clues that my inner guide is showing me and working with that in a very intuitive way.

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