Free the soul from human limitations

There is no doubt in my mind that being in the physical presence of one who has freed the soul from human limitations is the best way to catch the experience of soul consciousness.  Consider who you spent the most time with today. If you think about it, you will see that person had a profound influence on your inner space. It’s only natural. We start to resonate with those who we associate with.

Just being in the physical presence of a spiritual guide is not enough though. One has to be open. For me this means holding my beliefs, thoughts, perspectives lightly, meaning that I’m ready to drop my concepts if they are limiting, allowing space to contemplate a more expansive view. I know I’m holding tightly to my view when I start defending my position on something, when I can’t even recall the new idea.

Being in the physical presence of a spiritual master and being open are very important. The other important ingredient is acting immediately on the wisdom that was shared. There is always some small step that it is possible to take.

For example today’s message spoke about the experience of the subtle energy body driving the physical body. Every time we move the body we have the opportunity to explore this process. See how the intention is created to move a body part like the hand or the foot. Make the movement slow so that it is easier to see what is happening. Then observe how that movement happens, notice the flow, the effortlessness. Have the desire to experience the energy behind the physical movement. This is a simple practice and yet I find it so powerful. It still gives me so very much.

It is a tremendous blessing to be in the presence of one who is free. I seek to make the most of these opportunities during these forty days.

How was your day today?


2 Responses to Free the soul from human limitations

  1. Henk says:


    Thank you for the reminding of the subtle energy behind a physical move. I remember Guru saying this before and I thought “OK, interesting.” But after your words of acting immediately after receiving wisdom and your comment on moving slowly, I find a move to be very fascinating.

    Sometimes I tell people what a miracle a simple act as picking up something of the floor as so many muscles are involved and with every contracting of a muscle there is a whole chemical process going on on microscopical level. What a miracle our body is!
    But now I experienced after your post how energy drives a move, our body. It motivates me to explore this more. Identifying with energy in interacting with my body.

    Thank you.

    All my love, Henk

  2. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi

    This post is so helpful to me, particularly your words on being open. I have had good reason to question and explore just how open I am, and how I can be more so. Thank you for the guidance on how I might approach the practicalities of striving to be more open.

    With love and thanks
    Victoria xx

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