Play of Consciousness & Energy

When an elastic string is stretched it goes to a certain extent and then it starts to pull back. I think of the Consciousness limiting itself with every layer as it wraps the soul in the subtle energy of the chakras, then the denser layer of the physical body. How ever just like the elastic string after being extended it starts to pull back. So too I imagine at some point the consciousness has a built-in mechanism that prompts the evolution, that starts the journey back to full awareness.

In the natural process the tension in the elastic string is released as it starts to pull back. I suppose the same for us, as we start to dismantle the stresses in our lives, as we look at our challenges and figure out how to deal with them, we too release tension. I can better see how I need to be an active, aware player in this game of evolution of consciousness.



One Response to Play of Consciousness & Energy

  1. Veerendra Singh says:

    Namaskar all,
    Just to say that sometimes we can accept this stress and tension by tolerating it for a while and going into pleasuring the senses to relive it and we can end up taking our health for granted mentally and physically. So just to add to your analogy if we allow ourselves to be stretched too far without knowing our limit we could also break the rubber band. I think that is where the guide can help by showing and modelling what is normal, and where we can stretch it sometimes but always with awareness knowing how to come back to normal. So I think also the guide can push us to stretch our boundries sometimes so that the inner guide can also pull us in quicker but it is allways with awareness of energy and our receptivity. So I think it sometimes good to push ourselves sometimes but we always listen to inner guide and the outer guide.

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