Pondering what is consciousness

Today trying to go deeper in understanding the unchanging  nature of consciousness and the link with the various manifestations of energy through the physical body,  the subtle energy body, the mind….

Seems to me it’s the forms that the energy takes that changes. So may be energy is like all the different pages that can come up on a computer screen, infinite variety of experiences and the computer screen is like consciousness, that all the virtual reality is happening on the screen but the screen itself remains untouched by any thing.

Need to ponder some more….


4 Responses to Pondering what is consciousness

  1. Nandy says:

    A simple way for me to relate to the concept of consciousness and energy is that they are like the sun and sunshine. So the sun is there unchanging and untainted, and the sunshine is projecting all the qualities if only we are open to receiving it. So just by changing the way I look at things that happen to me, I see the other possibilities, and feel positive.

    I also like the computer analogy, because everyday Guruji has mentioned that ‘we are programmed to evolved’ …and the tools he has given are like the password, so we just need to access, activate and let it unfold…we are programmed for our life purpose!

  2. Henk says:


    On reflection of the title “Pondering what is consciousness” I think of my personal experience of Consciousness and the link of Consciousness. At first I used to think “I find Consciousness a strange word, so vague”, so I made the will to have a more concrete knowledge of it, an experience of it. When I sit to meditate, when my body and mind are comfortable, I focus on that place of observing the energy centres, the body, the mind, the breath, as much as I can. I comptemplate as that place to being so vast, so peaceful so that I can feel it too.

    For me at the moment, that is Consciousness. A place where thoughts can arise, where love can arise, a place where energy can arise. I can let those energy “go” to my energy centres and link it to those centres.

    In combination with Guru’s talk, the power we carry, I can bring those energies (love, peaceful thoughts) through my centres into my body, into my world. When maintaining the observation of the vast space of peace I can respond to comments of people for instance and see the link when talking to a certain person. I can observe love from Consciousness, to troat, to talking with the help of my heart centre. Trying to “see” the love or the struggle of the other person, but may be also the Consciousness in the other person.

    I find it fascinating that not only I am Consciousness or that peaceful place, that wonderful place I seek to observe as much as possible, but that everyone and everything IS that same wonderful vast space of peace.

    My pondering for today is how am I using my tools at deeping the experience of Consciousness and maintaining that observation.

    All my love, Henk

  3. Saroj says:

    …I was also thinking that also each page would be perfect in meeting the required needs of the experiencer…just like the chakras, all vibrationally different, but perfect in meeting the needs of the experiencer.

    I’m thinking also of my assembly of bodies coming together to fit a perfect human being so that my soul’s purpose can be achieved…

  4. Marlene says:

    I liked your analogy, Madhavi, of a computer screen as the consciousness and everything that comes up on that screen as various forms of energy resulting in an infinite variety of experiences. Makes it easy to visualize and comprehend.

    The two statements that stood out for me from today’s talk were, “If you understand your individual soul you will begin to understand the Supreme soul”, and “The
    power that we have influences our wellbeing”. So I am seeking greater understanding and awakening which will, in turn, bring me more power to influence my own wellbeing.

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