Spiritual beings in a human experience

Throughout the day I tried holding the possibility of my connection to the Supreme. By this I mean, I tried to keep observing the thoughts and emotions as they came up. I noticed depending on what I was thinking about, the feeling of connection changed. As I listened to an interview on the radio about politics, the feel of connection to sacred space weakened. When I reread  yesterday’s message, while I waited for today’s message, I found the connection feeling stronger. Then I thought back to the situation where I felt weakened, and I realized I could have responded differently. I sent love to all those who are working for the upcoming elections. I pray that our leaders be guided by the Source. As I thought about the radio interview again my feeling of connection remained steady.

I tried to observe what I felt attached to, what I thought about myself. In other words I looked at what I was identifying with. This also affected the feeling of connection. As I was about to enter a task or role I had to remind my self that this is not who I am. As I used my energies both physical and subtle I couldn’t help thinking about the Source of this energy. That I am powered by an infinite Source. As the physical body got tired I could feel compassion for it, reminding myself that this body is of nature. Then enjoying the experience of revitalization of the physical body and entire system-mental and emotional, during the meditation.

That is how I thought about a spiritual being having a human experience. How was your day as you contemplated the message?




One Response to Spiritual beings in a human experience

  1. Nandy says:

    I was thinking all day of how I can re-establish a relationship with the Source, and I thought that whatever I project out to my world would be a reflection of how connected I am to the Source. So I paid attention to my words, thoughts and my reactions to those around me, and this helped me to be more conscious of being centered.

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