Consciousness is the link

Here is how I thought about today’s message. Consciousness is the essence of existence.  It is the place from where everything emerges and to where everything merges back.  Out of this consciousness space that we refer to as the Source, comes energy.  Energy is an expression of the consciousness field.

This desireless, undiffrentiated, pure consciousness spewed forth the Super Ego which means the Super Ego is a form of consciousness. The Super Ego creates instruments like mind to help it to think, reason, plan out a vision for the creation. The Super Ego creates the driving force of passion in the emotional. All these creations are subtle forms of energy expressing the consciousness. The physical body is another expression of denser energy.

Today as I used my mental and emotional energies it was interesting to have an awareness of the link of consciousness going all the way to Source. That the “I” that was the experiencer of the day’s happenings is a part of this very Source which projected out of itself, all of creation.


3 Responses to Consciousness is the link

  1. Saroj says:

    …parts that appeal to me more are:
    -as souls we exist as subtle energy in the super ego but we have identity and purpose
    – the soul gets a chance to understand its true nature through human life…
    …so as I am using the tools of a human being in my daily life and I feel expansive and fulfilled as I make efforts for change – this energy driving me is from my soul.

    The times when I am feeling contracted and joyless in any work I may be doing, am I to reason that I am not fuelling from soul power?
    I certainly will be more aware Of how I am using my assembly of bodies.

  2. Henk says:

    Namaskar all,

    Yesterday I tried to maintain the observing position of my consciousness at seeing how the Source has created all these bodies, all the way to my body and my Being. The message of day 4 continues on this and my goal for today is to not only “see” the way the Source (as far as I can experience this) comes into my Being, but trying to feel the link. Thank you, Madhavi, for this particular awareness.

    What struck me is a deep fascination:
    “This Super Ego is a conscious being. It is conscious of its creation. I said that in order to create, energy has to move out of Its being. Its own desire is an energy. It has to use a mind to create a vision.” -> Fascinating that the Universe/Super Ego has a mind as well!

    “It creates with an energy that is called passion, so it generates emotion as it creates. It creates a Universe that is so full of life, spirit, vitality. It creates a Universe that is able to self replicate in the sense of reproducing.” -> So fascinating that the Source has created such a Universe. What a designer! Such diversity, in every detail, if I think of nature and all the animals, how these inter-exist. That this was all created. What a decor for a play. It brings me to a deep respect of the Universe.

    All my love, Henk

  3. Nandy says:

    When I think of consciousness as a link, I think of it as the common thread that exists in all bodies, the physical body, the energy body and the Source. I liked when Guruji asked…’how can we go back through this link to experience the very Source from where we have come’ It brings to mind the involution process that he often talks about….the journey back to the Self.

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