The Play of Creation

I loved this morning’s talk. The way Guru mapped out the play of creation. First the pure undifferentiated, desireless consciousness  spews out of itself the instrument called Super Ego. This instrument capable of holding a desire begins to create.

He says, “it needs mental instruments. It needs to reason. It needs to decide how it is going to create, what it is going to create and how detailed it is going to create. So it needs an intellect and a mind, and of course, it creates these. Everything it needs in detail it creates. It creates, firstly, with finer energies – energies that cannot be destroyed. Then it creates the different qualities of energies, and it creates a gross manifestation that is perishable. But not perishable in terms of absolute. It is all energy that can be transformed from one form to another. So it creates this whole complex instrumentation to allow itself to participate in a Play that we call the human experience.”

In the meditation he said, “Go to the very Source of your being, the source of all possibilities, the place of total peace, the place where creation began.” I now have a new appreciation of this Source inside me.

That’s what struck me in today’s talk. How was the talk for you?


3 Responses to The Play of Creation

  1. Henk says:


    What struck me most when reading the talk are a few things. First, I always like it when Guruji asks questions “why was this human machine created in the first place? When machines are created, they are created for a task. How many of us really consider that?” or “Do you see we are also an assembly of different bodies?” and “We need to understand this assembly in the same way as we understand machines. We need to understand the marvelous nature of this Source that is able to involve…”.

    Secondly, the word “involved” got to me. Remembering last years talk about how the Source gets involved in different centers and after awakening the evolution begins. Seeing now how the Source gets involved all the way down to our bodies and nature. Fascinating.

    Laatly, on contemplation of the message I made the note “I’m pure consciousness, that is who I am. I am an Ego with instruments in the Superego. Align myself to that Superego. The Source gets INVOLVED, by creating instruments, by creating bodies. ” It is easier with an overview to bring my focus on the best possible place: observing all that I am and aligning my bodies to that Superego. Like getting the best seat in the theater when watching a play.

    Thank you, Madhavi, for triggering the complemplation.

    All my love, Henk

  2. Veerendra Singh says:

    Namaskar all,

    I found this talk to be very stimulating. Stimulating because it made me see my source or our source with awe, and how everything even solid is energy made me feel more inspired that if I can manage my energy body I can also create wellness and positive energies from my source. So it made me really appreciate my source or our source and all the possibilities it can create and even the instruments to create it! So if you think it, then as they say you never know it probably exists even freedom!

    As for the meditation, each time I feel I am touching something very sweet and endless and guru’s words were very comforting. Although he guides every meditation it feels different with his talks this time.

  3. Madhuri says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    Thanks again for these wonderful daily posts, especially in these 40 Days of Grace.

    I loved Guru’s talk today, about Creation, and his telling these 40 Days like a story.

    I’ve never heard creation explained like this before. So simply and clearly and introducing our different bodies, making it so easy to remember, and share with others if we wish to. Also helping us to better identify the parts of our being. So that we can use this knowledge to help us go deeper inside.

    Watching and listening, the powerful thought came about how Guru is the perfect teacher, and listening to his wonderful talks again and again. But always finding something new and deeply uplifting and inspiring.

    Also, sacred conversations today helped answer my existing , and future questions 🙂

    A few words about the meditation … it was beautiful too, even having heard Guru say before, “Breathe into the silence; breathe away thoughts,” was also like the first time and repeating it like a mantra, brought a shift into a quieter space.

    Look forward to hearing more of the story tomorrow!


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