True well being – the possibility

I do think that there is a place inside of total well-being, the well-spring of love, peace and joy. I can see that the more I embrace this possibility, the stronger is my connection with that space.

I am most interested in this space beyond the mind, the consciousness space of total well-being. I found  the contemplation of the concept was much deeper in meditation as the mind became quiet.

Holding on to this possibility so far during the day, I find there is a distinct effect on the body. Body and mind felt held in a nourishing field. There is greater stability. When a challenge arose today, it quickly came into my awareness, that there is a space inside that is untainted. It was easier to go back to that inner space.

How was it for you today as you consider total well-being as a possibility?



2 Responses to True well being – the possibility

  1. Veerendra Singh says:

    Namaskar all,

    At first in my spiritual journey I considered that space inside that is the consciousness to be something interesting and then it became a boring subject. But this topic has brought much more interest and curiosity about it and to consider that there is a space inside where I can tap into total wellness that is comforting and healing. During the meditation when I was able to silence my mind I felt as if I was being held in a very comforting hug:) I feel that this is very comforting and exciting that I can heal myself by exploring what is within me and when I am challenged it is comforting to remind my self that I am already well within me and this helps me to focus on the bigger picture and other levels of my being that perhaps need also to be given attention.

  2. Henk says:


    Today’s message, the possibility of total well-being, gave me more inspiration. It brought me to a place of Being. A stronger strive to getting there and a strong desire to stay there. I made it remember in my Being and it was easier to get there back quicker when my mind wandered.

    The message for me came over as tangible, as a real possibility, not as a “maybe-someday-possibility”. I want it now and my experience of this moment inspires me to stay there, so that I get a better taste of it.

    It got me excited and I still am 🙂

    All my love, Henk

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