What is true wellbeing?

This morning Sri Vasudeva in the discussion of what is true well being, he referred to the chemical response in the brain and nervous system when we think and feel. I was very interested as he went on to talk about another space inside where no chemistry is involved, simply energies.

He said, “As we think, waves of energies are produced.  In that non- physical body, the mind operates as energy, as a processing tool.”

What really got my attention is when he said that we can experience true wellness when our non-physical body with the processing tools we have, mind, intellect memory, is attuned to the very source of our being.

Today I want to keep the awareness of this possibility of attuning  the mind and it’s tools  to the Source.


One Response to What is true wellbeing?

  1. Madhava Paul says:

    Namaskar dear sister,
    first of all, I’d like to say that there is something different now you’re not hosting the 40-days Sacred Conversation. Lyn is doing well, but still…

    About the talk:
    when all thoughts are energy, because everything is energy, then every bad thought is not only bad for me, but also bad for the one I’m thinking about. So, I can achieve true wellness not only by Non-thinking, but merely by thinking good thoughts, positive thoughts and attune all my bodies in that way. I fin this a very interesting way of “thinking”.


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