Launch of the 40 days tonight

The theme of these 40 days will be Secrets to True Well being – Tap into the transforming power of consciousness.

Tonight there will be a satsang at 7:15pm EST to launch us into the 40 days. Sri Vasudeva will introduce the theme, and a little about he will explore that theme. Of course in the morning talk he will give much more details and we will have the transcript to study, in the satsang we’ll get a taste of what is to come. Plus tonight I think he will share in satsang some of his experiences during the 40 days of 1978 as he entered the start of an amazing experience which left him in a state of inner freedom and bliss. I will leave him to tell his story.

There will be powerful chanting tonight. We discussed before how we can use chanting to enter sacred space. Here is that post again.

I suggest joining in with the stream tonight at 7:15pm EST

While on the blue star website notice where the transcript of each day’s talk will be posted. There is also a link that allows you to send in questions for the sacred conversations at the Blue Star Headquarters in Trinidad  2:45-3:45pm EST.

You can also post comments and questions here on the blog so we can have lively sacred conversations going on here too.


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