Gratitude to all who support 40 days

Ha! I’m so excited. The Blue Star 40 days retreat will start on March 25. As we draw closer to that date it seems there is web of energy building up. Each one of us contributing to that field by our intentions, supported by the Divine forces in our world. It’s going to be great fun!

Do you think about spiritual activity as fun? If not how do you think about it? What’s your idea of fun?

Today I’m full of the joy of the period. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to participate. I send my love and support to all who are working now, putting things in place that I may share in the experience.

Most of all I feel deep gratitude to the Ones who made the journey and commit themselves to guiding seekers along the way. May all be blessed.





3 Responses to Gratitude to all who support 40 days

  1. Uma says:

    Namaskar Mads and all
    I am really looking forward to it too. I have been very busy but have been clearing space to take part and have time to practice and be a bit more disciplined. I like the word fun, for me everything just flows so perfectly and joyfully including the challenges as the energy is co-created and we all connect in -fabulous. It is great to remember and appreciate all those who are beavering away so we can have this gift so thank-you fro bringing that to my awaeness and of course it will seem a little strange to begin with not to have you on camera but of course we are never apart. Thanks for the blogs -i really appreciate them,particularly their length -it will be nice to see your take on the messages.

    Big hugs to all

  2. Sara Mohammed says:

    Madhavi, I think joy is certainly in the air!

    There are some aspects of spiritual practice, like chanting for example, that fill me with such joy I actually use it to lift my spirit when I can’t seem to find fun or joy anywhere else, it’s my secret weapon :).

    I have never before thought of the 40 day period as being fun, I have always regarded it as a period of great challenges and discipline. This year though, something seems to be different, I have felt so much joy in the preparation of my space and in reading the material from the previous years. I am so excited! I have never before been so excited to go straight home after work and been so excited to scrub my fridge clean. All of a sudden, I can’t wait to see what this period will bring me, I no longer view it as work, it is so much more of an adventure- what will I learn? what lessons will be presented to me? how will my questions be answered? I am so excited!

    I join you with an even bigger HA! and deep gratitude as well for my precious Blue Star family and fellow seekers who help motivate me and keep me on the road to higher awareness.

    Driving down the growth road, meeting you at the intersection of fun and gratitude 🙂

  3. Marlene says:

    I was already filled with anticipation for the 40 Days, but with your post today you have added joy and excitement and appreciation to the mix. Thank you, Madhavi. May all have a blessed 40 Days! 🙂

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