Breaking free of the tyranny of roles

We have a choice in the roles we perform. I’m not just talking about career. I’m talking about the roles we perform in our relationships. For example in choosing to perform the role of “pointing out someone elses short comings”. Every time we are in interaction with another we perform this role over and over again. Do we see where we put the focus of our attention. To go back to the post from yesterday. Do we put our focus on the drop or the ocean?

When we see short comings in our environment are there not a menu of responses that we could choose from? Can we not put our attention on solutions? On motivating and inspiring change? If we are not able to inspire change then that is something to think about. May be we need to develop the capacity to motivate ourselves, then it automatically extends to others. We can apprentice ourselves to those who have that capacity and learn the process. What kind of apprentice are we? Is our development arrested because we have chosen to surround ourselves with those who pander to our ego?

We can choose to break free of the tyranny of any role. We can seek that space of inner freedom which allows us to serve in whatever capacity the Universe calls for, seeing no role as more important than another. We can seek to become aware of that ocean of infinite possibilities that is available to us.

As we enter this high energy period the clearer our intentions for our spiritual development, the more we will gain. As the saying goes, “the bigger the bucket we take to the ocean, the great the quantity of water we can take away”.


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