Transformation by following the trail into expansive being

Yesterday I told a story about my struggle to overcome the presence of annoyance in my inner being and one of the strategies that I use. I have different strategies to come into a more loving, harmonious space. Let me share another :).

Sometimes I ask myself will I have to look at every situation where I feel a negative emotion and try to transform that emotion? A very daunting task. Isn’t there another way?

Have a look at the new photo in the header. Can you see the drop? It’s a picture of a drop falling into the ocean. I think of this drop like the emotion I am struggling with. The ocean is like that Source of infinite love, peace, wisdom… Now where will I put my focus? The closer I am to the drop, then it’s all I see. But the more I pull back, the more of the ocean I see.

When there is strong emotion I can look with an expanded view. I start to admire the power of emotion. I become curious about where all emotions spring from in my being. Where do they start? Where is the well-spring? Where do they emerge from? I discover beautiful experiences of deep tranquility, love, harmony and more that is inexpressible in words.

Like a detective I follow the trail. As I go deeper in my being I feel transformed. I find this is a very empowering strategy. Will you try it?


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