Intentions – drawing a responce from the Universe

Yesterday I said, “Every sincere wish or desire, strengthened by continued attention has the effect of drawing a response from the Universe.”

I have many intentions at one time. I remember when I was a child I wanted to live like the great ones I heard and read about, Jesus, Krishna… I could see the discrepancy between my intentions and my thoughts and actions. I wanted to be more loving, more wise… Now at that time I was the smallest child in the house and I was often sent to fetch things. Some one might need a particular pair of scissors and they couldn’t remember exactly where it was. I would have to look for it. At the time I saw this as a chore and I would get annoyed by it. I would struggle against this feeling of annoyance.

Then one day I hit on the idea that what was missing in this constantly repeating scenario was memory of where things were, both in myself and the person asking for the item. I could do something about the memory gap in myself. I set about organizing the drawers that I frequented. But I didn’t just organize them, I paid great attention to what was there, and where every thing was placed. So whenever I was asked to fetch something I knew where I could find it easily. It became a nice game. Then I extended the game. I developed the capacity to describe in detail where someone else could find what was in those drawers. It became fun.

There were several lessons that I took away from this story. I find it extremely useful to think about what the gaps are in scenarios that are stressful. When I am “annoyed” I think someone else is responsible for filling this gap. This often doesn’t happen and I get more annoyed. :). When I think about how I can fill that gap then the fun starts.

Although this may have seemed like a minor event, in fact it contributed a great deal to my intention to live in greater harmony in my world like my heroes. I learned not to be hijacked by this negative emotion. I learned to focus my mind so that I can recall something when I need it and I learned to share that information in a clear and simple way. Most of all it gave me hope. If I could do it in this situation I can do it again in another situation.

So you see why I believe once I have an intention then my Universe responds? What is right in front of me is what I need to fulfill my intention, both my primary and my secondary intentions. In this case my primary intention to be more loving and wise, my secondary intention to master annoyance when asked to fetch things. I may not see the big picture in the moment, only when I take time to reflect do I see these patterns. What I can focus on is what is I’m facing now. That’s where the magic lies.

How is your Universe responding right now to your intentions?


One Response to Intentions – drawing a responce from the Universe

  1. Victoria says:

    Dear Madhavi

    At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, this is a truly wonderful post. I love the idea of looking for the gaps in scenarios that cause stress. I can certainly identify with the thought that someone else is responsible for filling the gap (and then getting even more stressed when it does not happen). When I get tired and frustrated enough with being in victim consciousness and start looking for the lessons and opportunities for me, I find it almost instantly more empowering, with greater hope of being resolved. It is very exciting to contemplate my intentions and the response of my Universe! Thanks so much for bringing this into my consciousness!

    Love and thanks
    Victoria x

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