Clearing space in preparation for the new

Today I intend to do a thorough clean of the fridge. I will be clearing out any stuff that’s gone bad. I’ll also decide if I want to throw out anything that’s been there for a while and I probably won’t use again. As I go through the shelves I’ll try to organize what I have kept so that it’s easier to find. This weekend we’ll go grocery shopping so before I bring more stuff in I’ll have a better idea of what I need and where I will put it.

It’s the same for this sacred period I need to do some clearing out, letting go of old thinking that no longer serves me. Clearing out the baggage that I do not need or want so that I will have clearer idea of what I need now. I need to clear space for the new vision, the new self within; and the new world I will co-create around me.

How will you use today to prepare for the new?



2 Responses to Clearing space in preparation for the new

  1. Prabha says:


    I’ve been doing the same thing today in preparation for the sacred period coming up, cleaning out closets… Isn’t it interesting how much stuff we keep, just in case we might need/want it, or because it’s still ‘good’. So it’s difficult throwing(/giving) things away! But having ‘space’ in my closets feels so much better! Is it because I spent time in cleaning my house that makes it feels better? Is it the mental knowing that even inside a closet it is now clean? Or is it actually energetically disturbing when we keep a hidden mess somewhere? 🙂

    Last year I was in Trinidad for the forty days, and we had to do a thorough cleaning of the ashram before it started. I kind of avoided it then (I had my excuses :-p) and felt stress around from everything needing finishing… But when we had to do the same thing later for Divali (and I participated), I felt very clearly how the energy of the ashram had changed incredibly after 3 days of cleaning! So this time made me very aware of the effect that thorough cleaning has on a space! That’s why this year I am motivated to do the same in my house, so I am optimally prepared for the amazing period ahead!

    And I like the analogy you make, Madhavi, that we can also clean up our inner selves now. How wonderful would it be if I would learn a few more things before the 40 days start, so I can learn more then!! It’s creating an urgency for ourselves (and we know Guruji likes urgency :-p)… I know the cleaning itself will clean my mind too, but I’ll also think more strongly about what my goals are today and the coming week.

    All love,

  2. Patsy Mohammed says:

    I love the way you wrote this it is very simple but its a great way to look at ourselves and to arrange our thoughts.
    Have a great day!

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