Preparation to enter a sacred period

We are about to enter a sacred period in the year. If you google it you will see so many traditions have something special in this period March – May. This means that there will be high spiritual energy in our world.

What kinds of intentions can I create for myself and for my world? How can my intentions be aligned with Universal will?

This year I will be at home for the Blue Star 40 day period (March 25-May 5). I will be following Sri Vasudeva’s morning inspirational talk at 6:15am and the sacred conversation at 2:45pm on the livestream broadcast.

I will attempt to write about how I’m processing each day’s message. I’m going to make a concerted effort to live or contemplate some aspect of the message each day. This will take some time and energy. I’m doing all I can now to clear some space in preparation for that period.

My hope is that our conversation here will add to the energy of this period. How do you plan to use this time period? What can we do together to make it the best possible experience for all of us? We are all part of the unfolding story of this sacred period.


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