Holding our world in peace, love and harmony

Today I want to talk about my observations of what is going in our world. There seems to be great turmoil and suffering in many parts of the world. How do I as an individual respond to my world?

I see myself as part of a collective. I think about what kinds of energy  I want to align myself to. I pray for beings every where to be happy, to be comforted, to have all needs met, to have access to the wisdom needed to deal with the challenges. I believe as I join my energy with others who have the well being of our world at heart, that together we can make a difference.

I will pay attention to my day to day interactions and seek to bring more peace, love and harmony where I live. I believe the space from where I experience my world influences the collective energy.

Please share your prayers and good wishes for our world as we hold our world in a strong collective field.


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