Reflection on observations

I think it’s important to spend a little quiet time in reflection. This is the time to take out those observations of thoughts, mental and emotional dispositions, actions ….to see how much sacred Self came through.

I find it important to look for patterns. What kinds of energy attracts me? What do I avoid? Then I look at that attraction or repulsion, to understand it more, to decipher the source from where it’s springing. I am careful in this examination because it’s very possible I may not be able to see  what’s happening so I play a game with myself. I imagine many different scenarios where all kinds of motivations may be behind the attraction or repulsion, and I pay close attention to my responses.

This “what if…” game gives many insights into my blind spots. It helps me to focus in more intensely on the kind of change that would make me more comfortable in this “skin”. If it is some area that I find very difficult to handle I may read novels about that scenario. A novel is a richer exploration of emotions and motivations. Because a novel takes time to go through I can examine myself in the light of what I’m reading. A movie about that scenario can be helpful when I’m further along in understanding myself. I find the many video clips on YouTube are ideal. They give a short look at a situation.

Once I gain a better understanding of my motivations then I start to craft the kind of inner posture and how that would manifest in an outer way in thoughts, emotions and actions. I start to experiment with these “movies” that I create in my mind. Again I might go to books, movies and people around me to see examples of my desired behavior.

The next stage in this reflection process is looking at the obstacles and planning how I would deal with them. I look at the kinds of thought I might have that would not serve me and how I could bring more powerful thoughts. How would I keep myself disciplined and motivated? There some people who are excellent at spotting weaknesses and obstacles (before I used to just think of these types of people as negative now I see how they can be a good resource, very helpful in planning) . So when I’m feeling particularly strong I might discuss my ideas with such a person. I have to be strongly centered because I might need to really focus to identify the useful contributions and not get carried away by negative energy.

I like to have a big vision of where I’m going, but I know how easily I can feel overwhelmed, so I often focus on what I can do with what is right in front of me. There is always something that is doable, that would take me closer to that big vision.

You see all of this takes some quiet time :)…. I’m interested in knowing how you process your observations.


One Response to Reflection on observations

  1. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi

    I have certainly never processed anything in the way you have outlined above. What a generous gift of a sharing! You have given a very comprehensive and helpful road map. It begs the question of how serious we are, how committed we are to our own growth and transformation because you cannot do this in anything less than a committed way if there is any hope of change, far less lasting change. I can see clearly why the things I thought I had dealt with keep coming back up. This really is a tremendous post – I will need the energy of all chakras to stay the course!

    With love and thanks

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