The causal body influences our thinking pattern, attitudes, actions

Consciousness is the eternal substance in life. We see from the states of deep sleep, dreaming and waking that consciousness continues to exist.  We have the different bodies associated with the states of consciousness. The waking state with the physical body, the dream state associated with the astral body and the deep sleep state with the causal body.

Today I want to explore the story from the perspective of the causal body. In the causal is where our memory lies,  that’s where our past impressions, and our dormant desires lie –  in that house within, in that body within, where we go to deep sleep.  Our desires exist within us.  They lie somewhere sleeping, dormant.  They are lying in the causal body.  From there they arise in the consciousness.  That’s why it is called causal.  It can cause the thoughts and desires to come up, and it can eventually cause actions to be performed.

The desires influence our thinking patterns which create our attitudes, our mental disposition and as a consequence, our actions.

When we clear the space for things to come up, when we start to observe our thoughts in the waking state we have the opportunity of delving deeply and beginning to understand where the thoughts are coming from. Thoughts which are just beneath the conscious level. By looking at our thoughts, we might become aware of what we are preoccupied with, what is disturbing our mind.  We can begin to notice what kinds of thoughts are coming up, to explore what may be triggering these thoughts.  In this way chances are good, we can get rid of the thoughts and desire we do not need.

How do you feel now about this causal body?


2 Responses to The causal body influences our thinking pattern, attitudes, actions

  1. Victoria says:

    Namaskar All

    Henk, I totally agree with you. Having read this post, I feel like I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the causal body and its impact, and the need to purify it as a matter of priority!

    Madhavi, thanks so much for this post. I had a tendency to think that this topic was one of those that was beyond where I am right now. Now I see that it is entirely relevant to where I am and my desire to move forward.

    Love and thanks

  2. Henk says:


    How do I feel about the causal body?

    Firstly, I am amazed that there exists a body within me that caries all these aspects of my being. What a storehouse it must be! Fascinating also, how it is intertwined with my other bodies.

    Then, I feel the need to urge to purify this body. To clean this house, so that my other houses become “clean” as well.

    Finally, the causal body inspires me to go to a deeper place. A place of observing, so that I can clean in a better way.

    This message inspires, invites, me to take a different look at my causal body. To look more closely at what is exactly coming up instead of “just only” going to a deeper space. I realise I can work from this deeper space to purify different parts of my being.

    All my love, Henk

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