Practice of “I-ness” as joyous, blissful consciousness

Wowee yesterday’s practice was so exciting! I never tried it that way before. I must remember this process so that it stays strongly with me so that whenever I need it will be easier to recall.

Yesterday I kept in my mind the meaning of the Sanskrit verse Jagrat-swapna- sushuptabhede, Turya-bhoga Sambhavah while remembering beautiful, exalted memories that brought me as close as I could get to rapture. I thought the fact that there are other Beings who live in rapture all the time, means that it is possible for me too and if I was there I would want to help others. So as I thought about the verse I opened myself to their support. Then I found during the day it was much easier to keep myself in a wonderful state. The key was to hold the verse in my mind.

How about if we take each word of the verse to understand its meaning?

Jagrat – waking, swapna – dreaming, sushupti -deep sleeping.  Bheda means the different states. Turiya- Transcendental state. Abhoga – rapturous. Sambhava – coming into existence and abiding…staying.

So Jagrat-swapna- sushupta- bhede Turiya-bogasambhava says in the different states of waking, dreaming and deep sleeping; the rapturous “I” consciousness of the fourth state abides.

On reflection yesterday was rather full of challenges, I didn’t realize quite how much at the time, perhaps if I had, I might have felt overwhelmed. This practice was very useful in helping me to negotiate a difficult time. I noticed that even in my dream I was in a wonderful state.

I want to go further with it to see where else it could take me. Today’s focus will be to continue to give attention to the one who is observing every experience and the place from where I am observing. I seek more and more of my inner being, to remember and experience the essence of my “I-ness” as joyous, blissful consciousness.

It’s like keeping a fire blazing, not waiting for it to die down to put more fuel. The fuel will be bringing back that inner sweetness periodically during the day so that the blaze of inner awareness will radiate its warmth and shine it’s light into every experience of the day.

Have a bliss filled day and tell us all about it :).


One Response to Practice of “I-ness” as joyous, blissful consciousness

  1. Henk says:


    Yesterday was a very peaceful day with a lot of focused awareness. On the verse, on the breath… it brought a lot of joy to me and the day felt full of grace. So much so that I was expecting something, or better put; someone 🙂

    The experience inspires me to continue.

    All my love, Henk

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