The rapturous “I”

The Siva Sutras by sage Vasugupta, describe the way spiritual aspirants (us 🙂 ) can travel from limited to universal consciousness. In one of the verses it says, “Jagrat-swapna- sushuptabhede, Turya-bhoga Sambhavah.” This says in the different states of waking, dreaming and deep sleeping; the rapturous “I” consciousness of the fourth state abides.

I’m interested in the word “rapturous”. You see the verse is not just talking about being the observer in the different states of consciousness, it describes the “I” as being rapturous. defines rapture as being filled with ecstatic joy or delight.

When have I been filled with anything close to this kind of ecstacy? Let me bring that memory strongly in my mind. Yes the experience of myself is very different to how “I” felt before the memory. I feel like I am in a different space and that is influencing how I am experiencing my world.

I have not tried this practice before. Will you join me in giving it a trial run? Today I want to contemplate the possibility of this rapturous “I”. I’ll take moments during the day to bring back a powerful memory of when I felt that rapture. It might have been when in nature, in meditation, or chanting; any activity that gave me a feeling of expansiveness.

The verse said the rapturous “I” abides. That means it stays through out each of the other three states of consciousness. I’m going to see if I can keep the intention in my consciousness all day to stay in rapture or as close as I can get to rapture.

Hmmmm. It would be great to have some help with this….There are Beings who live in this state. I pray that they may support us. I pray that Source in you and I, and in all of creation will guide us.

Please share your experiences of what it is like for you in contemplating rapture.


2 Responses to The rapturous “I”

  1. Henk says:

    Namaskar everyone,

    What a wonderful awareness you brought again, Madhavi, by bringing this word into focus. I would have read over it. Your determination of deciphering every word is very inspiring to me.

    Using memory, discipline and help are for me handy and practical steps to take for bringing and staying the most rapturous state into my Being. I have the feeling I can bring myself to that awareness. And I do feel a great sense of joy when I can maintain that state during the day. What a difference I feel in my body, my mind, my entire Being (more joy and power) when I can maintain an expansive awareness, where experience happen inside my vast Being instead of focussing on the experiences, like you described yesterday.

    The circumstance, you wonderfully descriced Veerendra, of expansiveness comes and stays when staying focused on this awareness. I will try to bring that memory of rapture into my Being.

    What helps for me, I noticed, is creating the perfect circumstances to allow me to stay focused. Practically, not planning too much on one day, so that it is easier to stay focused on one task, while keeping an expansive, rapturous awareness.

    I will make a post-it withthe words “memory of rapture”. It brings me immediately into meditation, into a vast space of observing and I will focus on joy in this space.

    Looking forward to this day, a day of training and exploring 🙂
    Thank you, friends.

    All my love, Henk

  2. Veerendra Singh says:

    Namaskar Madhavi and all,
    I really feel like a child again when I contemplate joy or to be in rapture not that I am a child again but I think what freedom and how I have the perfect parent in the universe as my father and mother looking after and over me giving me free choice. For me when I felt that kind of rapture I really felt this kind of freedom and joy but I know that this is really only a taste of the true freedom or rapturous state and really it is not dependent on anything or circumstance. I think when we feel this rapture of joyous being it really changes our outlook on life, because all of a sudden things or people who pushed your buttons before don’t anymore and you feel your being is just overflowing with light and a happiness that doesn’t need anything but just to “be” and this state being seems to overflow into doing where everything is effortless and you feel free and that all your needs will be met and taken care of by your loving universe.

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