The transcendental “I”

We’ve been talking about giving attention to that part of the consciousness that observes the experiences in the waking, dream and deep sleep state. There is a fourth state that is beyond these three. This “I” abides or stays constant in all three states. Its called the transcendental state. The “I” in this fourth state is described as rapturous, joyous. It is associated with Higher Self.  That pure “I” is the “I” that reflects the Highest Self.  It is in surrender, it is an instrument of that Higher Self. Doesn’t that description of the “I” just draw you into wanting it? 🙂 It does me.

My question for my spiritual guide is, “What can I do to try to catch that transcendental “I”?”

He said, “Realize that “I” am having an experience, the experience is not me. Waking, dreaming, deep sleeping are experiences in my being.  So who is the “my being”?  Who is having the experience of all of these?  If we become caught up in the experience, we are not aware of who is having the experience.  So whilst the experience is happening, we need to see who is the one having the experience.”

Here are some practical tips he shared:

1. Observe the way the body is breathing. Instead of being caught up in the experience. When we identify with the body we say “I am breathing” when in fact it is the body that is breathing.

2. Let us be the Observer of the thoughts in the mind and not become the thinker or the speaker.

3. Observe the feelings and desires/fears that arise out of the thoughts.

The more we can be in the observer the more choices we see opening up before us and the more freedom we experience. I can see how that would lead to more joy. Can you?




2 Responses to The transcendental “I”

  1. chanmadhavi says:

    Namaskar Veerendra
    I’m so happy to read your point of view. I love what you say about being “like a free agent in the universe and be able to responsibly let go of something”. Isn’t it wonderful to explore and share the experiences of the observer with such good company? I find it so inspiring. Please write in again and it was definitely not too long :).

  2. Veerendra Singh says:

    Namaskar Madhavi, I like this message very much. We always here we need to act responsibly but I think we can forget sometimes that we are not acting or having the experience. What is hard to do and I am trying to get better at is doing something and then forgetting about it knowing that I did my best and leave the results up to the divine. So what I find exciting about being the observer is I can assume any role knowing my part very well and acting very well but at the same time being aware of more that I can do, like a free agent in the universe and be able to responsibly let go of something that is not very important knowing that my gracious universe will take care of that and focus with full attention on what is more important at the time. I hope this is not too long. But I find being the observer very useful and when I forget I try and remind my self that this is just a play and then I begin to see more solutions.

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