Noticing the “I” while waking, dreaming and deep sleeping

In yesterday’s post did you notice the experience of the “I” in  the different states of consciousness; waking, dreaming and deep sleeping. There is also a fourth or transcendental state which we will discuss later.

The “I” doesn’t change. It is the one that is having the experience. Lets say we are given different types of fruits; orange, grapefruit, apple, mango. We taste each one.  There is an “I” that is constant, the one who is enjoying the experience.

I want to talk about this some more but its way more fun to discuss from a personal, practical point of view. Notice today the different experiences of the “I”. In the waking state the “I” has many experiences through the senses of taste as we talked about before, touch, sight and hearing. Pause periodically during the day and become aware of what kind of experience the “I” is having.

Notice also the “I” as dreamer and as deep sleeper. See if you can identify the part that feels constant all the time, that moves from one experience to another. What does it feel like?


5 Responses to Noticing the “I” while waking, dreaming and deep sleeping

  1. Henriëtte says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    Though I don’t response very often, I like our blog. It helps me to deepen my experiences. Now you are telling about the ‘I’ I get a glimps of it in the waking state,
    I look forward to your talk about experiencing the ‘I’ in the other states.

    With love, Henriette

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Great to know that you are enjoying the conversation Henriette.

  2. Henk says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    What a wonderful awareness you described yesterday when you described your experiences when resting!

    As I read it, I thought to myself that I find it hard to be aware during dreaming or entering deep sleep. Noticing the “I” in dreaming and deep sleeping. Any tips on how to be more aware during these states?

    All my love, Henk

    • chanmadhavi says:

      Namaskar Henk

      I anticipated this question :). For me looking at the “I” as it experiences the different senses in the waking state was an entry point to witnessing the other states. We’ll talk some more in the days ahead.

      • Henk says:

        Namaskar Madhavi,

        🙂 I’ll stay “awake” to see what I’m dreaming.

        All my love, Henk

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