Resting can be wonderful

How do you feel about resting? I enjoy giving the body and mind a chance to rest, after all I ask much of both. I enjoy it so much that I savor each little stage.

First lying down on the bed. The body seems to like a particular temperature, if it’s cold outside then the body likes to warm up, if the environment is hot then the body wants to cool down. No matter what the outside temperature, the body seems to rest better if covered.

Then I notice how the muscles start to relax. The breathing becomes deep and regular. I can feel myself slipping into sleep. The body feels heavy but “I” feel light. If the mind was restless, preoccupied in any way then I notice a dream might start to arise. In the dream bits and pieces of my impressions during the day get arranged into an interesting sequence. It’s almost like if I am a director of a movie because I can change any of the dream. I play with the dream for a while. Then I lose interest. I let go of dreams. I want to rest more deeply.

I feel the mind become very quiet. I know I am going into deep sleep. I let go completely enjoying the prospect. Sleep.

After a while I feel a stirring. Slowly I feel myself coming out of deep sleep. If there was a dream then the memory of the dream comes back. I can feel the warmth and relaxation of the body. I enjoy a few deep breaths as the body wakes up. Body and mind feel refreshed, rejuvenated. Lovely.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful rest today.


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