Building on extraordinary glimpses

Sometimes when we are in an environment that is charged with spiritual awareness we experience an energetic “jolt”. The high energy state of the people in the environment can stimulate us and we catch glimpses of extraordinary rapture and joy.

What we do after these special moments will determine whether these glimpses grow or dissipate. As we said yesterday the memory can uplift us for a time. We can also explore the experience in more detail. For example in the all night vigil noticing what happened with the body. How did you deal with the pulling of the body towards restlessness, tiredness and sleep? What did you do with the distractions in the inner and outer environment? I particularly like to bring back the blissful state by contemplating my favorite memory. For example if it is a chant or some words that rang inside of me, letting go of those “externals” of the memory and giving my fullest attention to how the energy is manifesting,  the joy, peace, love. I look for the the most concentrated, the strongest point of the experience then spreading out to the edges to see where that energy could take me.

If we continue to keep company with those who are strong in their awareness, if we keep our spiritual practice vibrant then there is a greater possibility of these glimpses staying for longer periods with us.

If we don’t give attention to the experience again it may seem to fade away, but it is lying dormant ready for us to take out of the treasure chest of memory, as soon as we become interested once more.


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