Growing the “I” consciousness at the Crown

Sri Vasudeva says, “When you go above the energy center at the brow, you go to the spiritual center at the top of the head, the Sahasrara chakra [crown]. Here the idea of doer-ship becomes aligned to the Infinite. The ego is transformed when you are in the Sahasrara.   It is completely in service. It has no power of its own, only the power of the Self that directs it.”

Hmmmm what about my doer-ship?. Where is my ego aligned? What’s my game plan? How can I catch a glimpse of what he’s saying? I can recognize the spiritual energies that are already manifesting in me and use that as a stepping stone into transformation of the ego. Here is a meditation practice that shows how this could work. (This practice builds on the meditations described in my previous posts on the base, sacral, navel, heart, throat, brow centers).


Let us center in a space inside where we can observe very clearly all that is happening within us.  Become aware of  the breath.  Acknowledge the presence of the intelligent cells of the body, the vital organs within. Observe the group identity of the body cells.

As we breathe focus attention on the movement of energy along the spine. Feel the  presence of the energy centers.

Remember how to energize the body. Breathe in to the belly area, feel how the navel area is recharged and energy is being stored there.

Breathe being aware of the internal silence and even when thoughts  arise,  feel that they are rising from a huge space of silence …. so huge that the thought looks very small; so small that it wants to disappear again.

Let us remember  that we can will energies through the different energy centers. “I can will an intention that is loving. I can hold the thought strongly with my will.” Now let us open our awareness  to the  Universal field, “I exist in a vast space, in a vast creation.”  Open hearts and minds to explore this.

Lets open mind and heart to feel a global awareness.  In this moment, millions of people across the world are doing what I am doing now, saying, “Grant us a world of peace and love.” “May our world be full of peace and love. May we care for each other. May we be more kind to each other.”  “May all be happy, may all be healthy, may no one suffer.”  Let us identify with them, connect with them.

Going a little deeper…

Lets connect with the many beautiful, powerful souls sending energy across the world to all those who can receive. If we become more silent, we can tap into the energies that are coming from these beautiful souls who live in the crown center.

Let us use the breath to help us to grow our sense of “I”.   Breathe out, breathing away, letting go of, all obstructions.  Breathe in, bringing in the subtle energy with the breath, embracing the entire Universe.  Enjoy.

How was that? Did it feel like you are not meditating alone, you are meditating in a large group? Could you feel bigger because of every person who is manifesting higher consciousness? Did it feel like your heart opened more; mental space became more peaceful?



One Response to Growing the “I” consciousness at the Crown

  1. Henk says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    Thank you for the meditation. I am getting to know the Sahasrara better and better, so to speak. It did feel like meditating in a group. A sense of deeper peace came and the thought came into my space, the words of Guruji “no matter where you are, you’ll never feel alone, you’ll feel at home”, when centered in the Source.

    I’m exited to keep my awareness in this vast space of observing, with the help of the other centers. Exploring what the Universal will is and aligning to that will.

    My enthusiasm had increased as I know more and more the direction where to go and how to stay in this direction.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    With all my love, Henk

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