Sahasrara-A constant stream of happiness and support

Lets reflect on what we’ve been doing in these posts. We’ve talked about different energy centers and the experiences arising from their exploration. As the lower centers start to become awakened; the base, sacral and navel,  we get a glimmering of a different identity. We start to realize that we are different to the body and we begin to have control over the instincts of the body for survival. So there is a change in the “I” consciousness from “I am the physical body” to “I am Consciousness having a human experience”.

Then as we go through the different dimensions of consciousness  at heart, throat and brow centers, the “I” continues to change the way it sees and the way it behaves, through this ascension from chakra to chakra. The “I” becomes more and more expansive. We start to experience more love, more peace, more unity with our divinity; the essence of who we are.

At the crown Sri Vasudeva describes the “I”  as feeling connected to the Universe,  in touch with the Source. He says, “There is a constant stream of happiness that is not related to anything in this world, completely independent.”

We catch glimpses of this experience when we fall in love. No matter what is happening around us, no matter what our beloved does, we are in a euphoric state of happiness, there’s almost a feeling of invincibility. I can imagine this experience growing into a constant state at the crown. Can you imagine it?

He says, “The crown grants the most profound and finest pleasure of the human experience”. I find when I get caught up in the pleasure from the experience of the senses – taste, touch, seeing, hearing ( first I have to become aware that I am experiencing such a pleasure 🙂 ) then I can remind myself there is an even greater pleasure available to me. For me, that brings me back to balance, to consider the effect of over indulgence and to make a wiser choice.

He goes on, “Those who live in this center experience continuous support and energy from that infinite source”. This reminds me that the Source is supporting me and to notice the ways it manifests itself through people, through books, through the environment around me.

I like to notice and celebrate the little moments of expansion. I look for examples in myself that are similar to the crown experience but smaller in magnitude. I get a lot of encouragement to keep going. What do you think about this approach?

Tomorrow I’d like to share a meditation practice.



One Response to Sahasrara-A constant stream of happiness and support

  1. Henk says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    I like your approach of seeing your victories as steps towards the crown, to Unity.

    Your message takes my awareness to the crown and it’s importance. Just as I haven’t put as much attention to the sacral center as the brow, base, troath, heart or navel, I haven’t paid much attention to the crown either. The importance of it, to reminding myself it is my home. Why am I focusing on these centers and doing the discipline? Because I enjoy the journey, because I feel it is the right thing to do, but the journey has to lead to somewhere. To home.

    The part of mastery over the senses in relation to the crown brought within me a deep sense of peace, gratituide and even tears of love.

    Just as when I would go on a journey to a new country, I would look for information and pictures of the place, to know where I am going, to feel more inspired to go. Catching glimpes of the crown, of the Source, inspires me also to keep going, enjoying the journey as I go, but realising that I have a goal. And that I shouldn’t do anything that keeps me away of the path to that goal.

    Thank you, Madhavi.

    All my love I know to experience on this part of the road,


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