The ultimate experience of the Crown

Don’t you find that once we get a “taste” of the energy centers we keep wanting more? The growing experiences of the “I” as it travels through each consciousness center is so exciting that I wonder about the ultimate experience of the crown or Sahasrara center.

Sahasrara in some of the literature is not described as a chakra like the others but as a destination. It is called a chakra because it has energy. In terms of opening, it is not the Sahasrara that opens up. It is the brow chakra that opens up and the gift of the Sahasrara is there. Sahasrara is the destination. It is symbolized as a thousand petaled lotus. The lotus is downturned and its nectar is flowing through the body.

I look for models around me who live in that space of freedom because it gives me hope that I too could be like that. I am grateful to be guided by Sri Vasudeva. He describes his experience of the crown as, “a certain kind of fearlessness that no matter what I do in the world, no matter where I go I can only be this. I cannot be anything else. I can only lift people’s energies,  speak the best, respect the people around me.  There is no chance for me to do any thing else. The mind is no longer in duality. It is no longer good or bad. It just is! That is the blessing of the Sahasrara, I see all of life; no good, no bad. It just is. There is no chance that I will want to think negative thoughts about anyone or anything. It just wouldn’t come into this consciousness. The consciousness has been transformed in the fires of discipline. It has been cleaned, it’s clear. All it seeks, is to express itself in fullness in the human experience nothing else. That’s how I know what masters feel. They’re completely in a different space. They may be judged on the outside by actions but no one can know the space that they live in.”

I’ve collected descriptions of the experience of the crown center because for me the clearer the picture I have, the greater my incentive to stay with my spiritual discipline. I understand it is only a description and no words can do justice to the experience.

Yet his words ring through me, so even though I am not in his space, it calls to me. I hear it’s voice when I feel fearful. I remember there is a space inside me that is fearless and it gives me hope. When I interact with another I strive to uplift, to respect, to speak the best. I understand that I will not have the fullness of the experience until I am blessed with the full flowering of the Sahasrara. Until then I use all the tools that I have, I hold the vision of what’s possible before me.

How do you feel about discussing the crown center?


One Response to The ultimate experience of the Crown

  1. Marlene says:

    I liked the idea you expressed, Madhavi, that keeping descriptions of the crown centre experience can help to provide us with the motivation to maintain our spiritual discipline. It seems like such a desirable place to be that it can make us strive to get there. So I will keep that in mind when I feel challenged by the discipline.

    And I agree that Sri Vasudeva’s words could be most helpful to recall when one is in a state of fear, reminding us that there is a place inside of us that is also fearless. Although it may not totally dispel my fear, it can remind me of what is possible and that I have a choice in how I perceive my experience in that moment.

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