Swadishtan- Support on the evolutionary journey


Lets review, we’ve talked about Swadishtan, the sacral center as a powerful source of subtle energy located around the genital area. As we give loving attention to this energy center it helps in the well-being of the pelvic area and the organs and tissues associated with the second chakra. This energy center is connected to the sexual power in the human being. We talked about how we can become distracted, caught up, in the pleasure of this center, just like the pleasure of any of our senses, if unmanaged can lead us to pain and misery.

We said it is important to distinguish between soul and body. Our soul is sexless, beyond gender. Sexuality is the drive of the body for propagation of the species. The body is the sexual creature, just like all of nature – plants and animals, not the soul. It is this realization that gives us the power of choice. We can consciously choose to express this energy in a loving relationship and we can choose to tap into this energy center to help us on the spiritual path.

As I said before we have seven chakras, each in its unique way supports us in our evolutionary journey. When we begin the spiritual path and the sacral chakra is awakened, we become aware of the physical body and the energy system that is connected with the body.  Now we have already talked about the energies at the navel, heart, throat and brow.

As the upper centers become more awakened the possibility is there of moving the energy upwards, intensifying the experience of the different chakras. Our sacral centre, is a source of power that we need to respect. We can seek to use to it to enhance every aspect of our being, as we express spirit in matter in the most powerful, positive and harmonious ways.  Shall we explore this possibility?


As we sit in our meditation posture let us make sure that the body is comfortable and relaxed. Let us bring our awareness to our body cells, tissues and organs. Each one so unique, marvelous in its own way; the heart, liver, kidney, bones, circulatory and nervous system….“I love you my body, you are God’s gift to me.”

Let us observe the breath.  Breathe out slowly and breathe in slowly.  Pause. Keep the focus on the breath. The breath is the tool that we will use so this is an important stage …. observing the breath.

Now focus on the energy centers along the spine, just feel where they are at the base, sacral, navel, heart throat, brow, crown. Become familiar with them once more.

Now breathe in, take the awareness from the second chakra and move the attention up with the breath, to the highest point the attention can go along the spine up to the crown.   Hold the breath for as long as is comfortable at the highest point; whether the highest point is the navel, heart, throat, brow or crown. Repeat slowly, gently comfortably, continuously.

Center in the deepest place inside and feel the difference between the soul consciousness and the body consciousness. Soul consciousness feels light, almost weightless, body consciousness feels heavier.

What is the experience of the upper centers? How does the body feel? What is the level of vitality? How does the emotional being feel? What is the concentration like?  Look at the experience at all the centers of energy.

Swadishtan, was it worth exploring?



2 Responses to Swadishtan- Support on the evolutionary journey

  1. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi

    What I found very interesting about the meditation was that I was able to get a tiny sense of the different qualities of the energy at the different centers. I found this fascinating and exciting, so much so that I tried the meditation again today and feel that this is something I will be exploring further!

    All love and thanks

  2. Henk says:


    Thank you, Madhavi, for the wonderful meditation. Certainly worth exploring.

    For me this meditation shows to me that it is important to give every chakra the loving attention it deserves. I would sometimes think “I’m not procreating right now, so Swadhistan can rest or I don’t need to use it right now”. But it is a like ignoring a beautiful flower or tree in a forrest. Why not see the beauty? Why not use the energy? Why not give loving attention to the organs in that area, keeping them healthy, honouring them?

    I very much liked the part: “Center in the deepest place inside and feel the difference between the soul consciousness and the body consciousness. Soul consciousness feels light, almost weightless, body consciousness feels heavier.” I used it in conjunction with the breath, breathing in taking my consciousness to my my souls consciouness, breathing out to my body. Very nice. Helpful to use during the day, I think. I will try to use it today as a practice, with the help/energy of Swadisthan.

    All my love, Henk

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