Swadisthan-Sacral Center Part 1

We have been talking about our subtle energy system.  This second chakra or sacral centre, in Sanskrit Swadisthan is connected to sexuality in the human being.  Sexuality is a powerful form of pleasure in the human experience, so we can become caught up in it, just as we can become caught up in other pleasures like eating and drinking.

When we become  spiritually aware, we realize that the soul and the body are different. The body is a sexual creature, not the soul. A healthy body seeks to procreate and protect the species for survival. This is normal human and biological function, also displayed in trees and animals.  There is a time for mating and a time for fertilization. It is the same with the human being.

We need to remember that we are not the physical body, the sexual instinct is in the body. The soul is sexless. This brings awareness that we have a choice in how we use this energy. In our society we hear of athletes abstaining from sexual activity so that this energy can be directed into their sport.

As spiritual beings we can direct this energy to the navel center, through intention so that the body can become more vital. We can direct the energy to the upper centers, the heart for emotional power, the voice ( some people have sexy voices 🙂 ), the brow for more mental power or connecting to the divine in the crown.

We can choose to consciously engage in sexuality when we are in loving relationships.

Lets talk some more about this topic tomorrow.


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